Accidents Happen

Accidents Happen


I have had a few car accidents in my life time.  They are not fun, and sometimes they can be downright scary.

Some people have had an accident that caused them to break an arm or a leg.  

Some people get cuts and have to go to the hospital or doctor and get stitches.

I remember one accident that I had when I was younger.  Another kid hit me in the mouth with a baseball bat.  It caused me trouble with my front teeth when I grew up. 

Accidents just seem to happen.  It was the same in Bible times.  In fact there are some stories about accidents in the Bible.

Read about the King Ahaziah who fell “through a lattice in his upper chamber and was injured in 2 Kings 2:1. 

Did you know that Jacobs thigh went out of joint during a wrestling match with an angel?  You can read about it in Gen. 32:24

Do you remember the story about the baby killed when its Mother rolled on the baby in her sleep?  Solomon had to deal with that accident in 1 Kings 3:16-19

Poor Little Mephibosheth was dropped by his nurse and was lame after that.  2 Sam 4:4 tells that story.

Did you know that Paul was once bitten by a snake when he was laying sticks on a fire?  That story is found in Acts 28:3

Eli fell backwards from wayside seat and broke his neck.  The Bible tells about that accident in 1 Sam 4:13-18

Poor Job lost his ten children when they were killed by a falling building.  The story of Job’s family’s accident in found in Job 1:2, 18-19


Can you find any other accidents mentioned in the Bible?